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Group revenue in 2017 was EUR 25.4 million – having more than doubled over four years. FIT currently employs 330 people, most of them at the company’s headquarters in Lupburg, Germany, where FIT operates the world’s largest aluminum additive manufacturing facility. Three further manufacturing sites are located in Southern Germany, as well as one in Boston (USA). In Brasov (Romania), the Group runs a software development center, and it has sales and project management operations in Nagoya (Japan), Peoria (USA), and Zhukovsky (Russian Federation).

FIT’s clients include major international corporations in the automotive industry, medical implant manufacturing, and special machinery. FIT Prototyping GmbH is one of Germany’s largest prototyping providers. In its ADM division, FIT has implemented additive manufacturing of serial components in a wide range of industries and supports its clients in the introduction of additive design and manufacturing in complex long-term projects.

  • Services include:
  • - Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM)
  • - Rapid Prototyping
  • - Serial Production
  • - Mass Customization
  • - Hands-on Training for engineers to design for Additive Manufacturing

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group
Expert Partner for Rapid Protoyping Additive Design and Manufacturing
Founded in 1995, FIT AG is a leading German provider of rapid prototyping services and additive design and manufacturing (“ADM”) via its subsidiaries FIT Prototyping GmbH and FIT Production GmbH.

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