We are manufacturers of bespoke machines and experts in the assembly automation. In addition, our range of products also includes standard riveting machines and presses. Our own in house manufacturing capability ensures that AGME Automated Assembly Solutions develop complete automation processes for components assembly: from the initial machine design and manufacturing, to the commissioning in the clients premises, our engineers ensure we deliver the assembly process that best meets your quality, production and automation requirements: from manual or semi-automatic assembly equipment to completely automated assembly lines.

By understanding our customer’s specific needs, we integrate the most appropriate assembly technology for each process and component. We pay special attention to the Research, Development and Innovation in all processes that make possible to reduce the production time, increase the productivity and always guarantee the final quality of the assembled parts. Our flexibility means that these assembly technologies can be completely developed by AGME (riveting machines and presses manufactured in our premises), or can be from in collaboration with our technological partners that are leaders in their industry.


Our global presence is supported by an extensive national and international distribution network of local companies. This enables us to supply state-of-the-art automatic assembly equipment, with optimal technical service in the locations where large Tier-1 and Tier-2 manufacturers have facilities. Our automated assembly, press and riveting machines are exported to over 25 countries, not only in automotive components industry but also in other businesses sectors as diverse as locks, metal fittings, electrical and household appliances. Our commitment to quality and customer service has resulted in delivering excellent solutions both in the domestic and the international markets.

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions design and manufacture special purpose machines that best meet the automatic assembly needs of different industries. Our extensive experience, outstanding engineering capability and an excellent technical service has enabled us to develop high value added turnkey projects for highly demanding industries such as global automotive components manufacturers.

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TEM Center and Agme offer presale and after sales technological
  • Simulation of metal forming processes
  • Analysis of metal forming processes
  • Optimization of metal forming processes

Our service increase profitability in global competition
by providing the unique tools:

  • Increase material utilization (reduction of scrap, flash, etc.).
  • Reduce defects and scrap rate.
  • Increase die service life.
  • Increase utilization rate of forming equipment.
  • Process optimization by use of computer aided engineering
    (CAE) tools.
  • Increase automation and decrease labor content.
  • Efficient information management.
  • Training of personnel/access to advanced technology.

Metal flow deffect prediction