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The Fastest Hydraulic Overload Protection System in the Industry.

When an overload occurs, an oil-filled chamber trips,enacting AIDA's patented oil escape system that delivers the fastest response in the industry (ten milliseconds), ensuring that your press is not stuck at BDC or damaged.This instantaneous reaction is only possible with the AIDA ball socket type HOLP system.


Designed to Withstand the Rigors of Heavy Progressive Die Stamping

Ball socket connections eliminate one of the largest maintenance costs of a stamping press: the wrist pin slide connections. This improved design withstands the rigors of heavy progressive die stamping by providing increased surface area to transmit high forces. Slide tipping, caused by off-center loads in multi-station dies, has a direct effect on the slide suspension point. When off-center loads exist and slide tipping is the result, the ball seat rotates with the slide but maintains a full load carrying area so that no excessive stress is placed on the suspension point components and there is no additional wear of the components.

Ball socket

The Greatest Possible Resistance to Slide Tipping & Off-Center Loading

The AIDA six point flat slide guides are found on the NC1 and NC2 Models. These guides are designed with extra length and surface area to provide the greatest possible resistance to slide tipping caused by off-center loading in the die. Guide clearance is set and maintained using full-length shims both right to left and front to back. This requires less maintenance than other press manufacture's setting system, which uses small screws to control the clearance.

Slide guide

AIDA is the premier global manufacturer of metal stamping presses and continues to take the lead in developing new and innovative metalforming solutions.

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  • Fastest acting Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP) in the industry (10 ms), adjustable from 60-100% of rated press tonnage
  • Adjusting screw threads never exposed
  • Oil lube to pinion shaft and rear crank bearings
  • AC variable frequency drive
  • Taper fit of main gear to crankshaft
  • AIDA wet clutch
  • Quill mounted flywheel
  • Hardened and ground pinion and ground main gear
  • Electric brake on slide adjusting motor
  • Installation and service support by AIDA factory trained technicians
  • Angular frame deflection is 50% or less
  • The tightest clearances available in any gap frame press
  • Flywheel brake
  • Counterbalance lube pump
  • Increased counterbalance capacity
  • Air blow-off with solenoid valve
  • ASME certified air tanks (USA)
  • Extra long 6 point slide guides
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TEM Center and AIDA offer presale and after sales technological
  • Simulation of metal forming processes
  • Analysis of metal forming processes
  • Optimization of metal forming processes
Our service increase profitability in global competition
by providing the unique tools:
  • Increase material utilization (reduction of scrap, flash, etc.).
  • Reduce defects and scrap rate.
  • Increase die service life.
  • Increase utilization rate of forming equipment.
  • Process optimization by use of computer aided engineering
    (CAE) tools.
  • Increase automation and decrease labor content.
  • Efficient information management.
  • Training of personnel/access to advanced technology.

Metal flow deffect prediction