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  • Access to the customer needs
  • Be informed about trends, which are related to your company business
  • Monitoring of the competition
  • Creativity
  • Improve your company sales
  • Suggestion in the marketing plans
  • Representing on the trade fairs, preparing of the marketing events
  • Presale activities, negotiation support 

Partnership with TEM Center will represent your company as a trusted supplier for the local customers. 

Information about your company will appear in the right place and will be researched and analyzed by potential customers. 

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TEM Center is a service-providing company and outsourcing advanced Marketing Department for trading and manufacturing companies, which are related to additive, casting, forging, welding, OCTG and machining processes and equipment.  

TEM Center cuts the costs and time of trading and manufacturing companies by representing their Marketing staff on the Russian market.  

TEM Center performs your company’s localization in Russia thus providing your company with a powerful competitive advantage.  

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Metal expo

On November 14—17 Moscow became the center of attraction to Russian and international steel producers and steel products end-users from the construction industry, heavy-engineering, fuel and energy complex, logistics and steel trading. Massive expositions at Metal-Expo’2017 were arranged by the leading Russian steel and engineering companies as well as steel structures manufacturers, among them MMK, TMK, Severstal, Mechel, OMK, NLMK, EVRAZ, Metalloinvest, UMMC, Chelpipe, Elektrostal Steel Works, Red October, Volgograd Steel Works, Abinsk Electric Steel Works, IMH, Motovilikha Plants, TEMPO, Ruspolymet, KUMZ, Aluminium Metallurg Rus, OMZ Group, VSPO-AVISMA, ORMETO-YUMZ, EZTM, Weber CoMechanics, VI-MENS, KAMI, Reltek, Litmashpribor, Pumori-North-West and many more.

Every year leading steel companies enlarge their expositions and the number of stand attendants at Metal-Expo including not only professional managers, but also company leaders and decision-makers. The number of delegates of leading steel companies may reach 80—90 professionals headed up by General Managers, Heads of Sales, Chief Engineers, and Heads of Marketing. More than 4k company leaders and General Managers were working at the stands during the exhibition, among them P. Shilyaev, General Managers, MMK, A. Shevelev, General Manager, Severstal, V. Kamelin, General Manager, Beloretsk Steel Works, M. Klochay, General Manager, Ruspolymet, V. Nechuyatov, General Manager, Energoprom Group, O. Turpenko, General Manager, Metallservis Group and many more top managers and decision-makers. A number of agreements were signed at the exhibition including a cooperation agreement between TMK and Bardin’s TSNIICHERMET signed by General Managers A. Shiryaev and V. Semenov, Metalloinvest and KAMAZ signed by Commercial Director N. Efendiev and Deputy General Manager R. Shamsutdinov.  “Attending Metal-Expo has become a good tradition for steel producers. Every year the exhibition gets better as to target audience and interesting discussions. A big number of exhibits the companies bring to the exhibition show the development of the industry”, said V. Markin President of OMK.