Tem Center


  • Access to the customer needs
  • Be informed about trends, which are related to your company business
  • Monitoring of the competition
  • Creativity
  • Improve your company sales
  • Suggestion in the marketing plans
  • Representing on the trade fairs, preparing of the marketing events
  • Presale activities, negotiation support 

Partnership with TEM Center will represent your company as a trusted supplier for the local customers. 

Information about your company will appear in the right place and will be researched and analyzed by potential customers. 

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TEM Center is a service-providing company and outsourcing advanced Marketing Department for trading and manufacturing companies, which are related to additive, casting, forging, welding, OCTG and machining processes and equipment.  

TEM Center cuts the costs and time of trading and manufacturing companies by representing their Marketing staff on the Russian market.  

TEM Center performs your company’s localization in Russia thus providing your company with a powerful competitive advantage.  

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1. Integrated technologies based on high-performance machines, tools, and equipment for modernization of factories

1.1. Metal-cutting machinery: Intelligent machine tool units and hi-tech equipment; Special purpose machine-tools; precision, automatic and semi-automatic machines, universal manually controlled machines; Heavy-duty and unique machine-tools, automatic lines; NC and CNC machines, multi-purpose machines and complexes; flexible manufacturing cells and systems; Equipment for EDM, laser, plasma, and other non-traditional types of machining, equipment for combined processes of metal-working;

1.2. Metal-forming machinery: Mechanical and hydraulic presses and complexes; Automatic metal-forming machines, including CNC machines; forging machines and complexes; Flexible CNC press-forging machinery; Laser equipment and technology; Sheet metal working equipment and technology; Metal-cutting shears; Bending and leveling machines;1.3. Foundry equipment;

1.4. Welding equipment;

1.5. Thermal treatment and coating equipment;

1.6. Metal-cutting tools: Blade cutters; Abrasive, diamond cutters and cutters made of super-hard materials; Auxiliary tools; Tooling systems, systems for tool coding and counting of cutting tools; Integrated tooling;

1.7. Control and measuring machinery, instruments and tools: CMM; Measuring devices in automated lines, in-process control devices, instruments for linear and angular measurements, surface and shape precision quality control devices; Diagnostic systems and devices for metal-cutting machines and tools;

2. Accessories, equipment, components, tooling, hardware and software: CNC programming systems and programmable controllers; CAE/CAD/CAM systems and programs, software; Metalworking equipment, automation facilities and elements including tooling magazines and stations, handling devices, industrial robots, stockpilers, automated warehouses, sensors and systems for automatic complete set; Complete electric equipment and drivers, including linear drives; Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, lubrication and filtering devices; Reducers and motor-reducers; Blocks and couplings, bearings, rabberwares, consumables, etc.; Input data converters for control systems; Dies, mouldings, fittings and accessories;

3. Repair and modernization of equipment, spare parts and services;

4. Additive Manufacturing, industrial 3D printing: NEW Raw materials for metal printing Equipment and technologies for metal printing, product processing Accessories, components for 3D/AM Software for 3D /AM

5. Development of modern information CALS-technologies;

5.1. Scientific research projects, technological and design developments, production management;

6. Materials for metal-working;

7. Scientific and research papers and information; Advertising in metal-working industry.

8. Subcontracts. Investment projects.

9. Science, vocational education and production.