Plm Ural


Tooling and Tryout Solution evaluating part and tooling geometry, planned production process, and material specification.

The part will be successfully produced in a well-defined manufacturing process.

Process capability.

Robustness Solution demonstrating consistent manufacturability in a variable production environment.

A sustainable process will be defined and maintained amid the expected production variability.

The selected process will produce acceptable parts over the range of variation likely for the selected manufacturing environment and specifications.

TEM Center cooperate with leading R&D Russian Centers in order to be on the step ahead.


Scientific consulting in the field of analysis and optimization of production design and manufacturing process analysis.  

Part feasibility.

Feasibility Solution evaluating part geometry and material specification to deliver the product function.

The part will be made safely—within the forming limits of the material—without regard to the manufacturing process.

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  • CAD design analysis and GD&T service in order to fulfill customer needs.
  • CAE based on FEA. Multiphysics and multidiscipline analyses of assemblies which are under loads in order to predict failure in real conditions.
  • Part design CAE analysis in order to have lightweight and robust design, which will work under loads without failure.
  • Metalworking process development with implementation of CAE analysis for the process and tooling's design in order to reduce preproduction costs and time.