UrFU is among world leaders in 40 research competencies, mainly connected with mathematics, physics and chemistry (Source: Scopus data up to 27 Jul 2015).

25% of UrFU publications in 2014 are co-authored by foreign researchers.

UrFU Research team annually perform more than 150 Russian and international contracts and grants.

Every year UrFU awards 20 grants for foreign postdocs.

About 40% of the full-time students are involved in scientific activities.

In 2013, UrFU Professor Victor Grokhovsky has been included in the list of 10 people, who had changed the World, according to Nature journal.

29 research laboratories including 12 laboratories headed by the leading foreign researchers have already been established at UrFU.

One of the 12 International laboratories is headed by Dr. Jean JouzelNobel prize co-winner (Climate and Environmental Physics Laboratory).

Mikhail Katsnelson (the Laureate of the 2013 Spinoza Prize) is one of the leading scientists participating in the research carried out at UrFU Key Center of Excellence “Center for First-principles Modelling of Advanced Materials”.The famous French researcher Marie-Pierre Rey is a head of Primary sources research International laboratory.

Research at UrFU

Facts and Figures

UrFU is a leader among the federal universities and the universities participating in the “5-100-2020” program in terms of the number of publications in the scientific journals indexed by WEB OF SCIENCE.In the last four years the publications in journals indexed in international research databases has grown more than 2.5 times.

Contact to Urfu

Professor Rolf Zinkernagel (1996 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine together with Peter C. Doherty) is the Co-Head of the Key Center of Excellence “Experimental immunophysiology and immunochemistry”.

UrFU is one of the top ranked scientific centers in Russia that strives to develop a broad scope of research subjects in natural, technical and social sciences, the humanities and economics.

UrFU’s state-of-the-art research infrastructure allows our scientists to carry out innovative and multidisciplinary research that attracts the interest of renowned international scientific community


UrFU & Industry 

Joint high-tech developments by UrFU scientists and representatives of the industry receive federal subsidies.

The projects with “I-Teco” and NPO Automatica companies are the bright examples of the successful cooperation of UrFU and Russian enterprises.

The Operation Center for Objects of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure ordered the system of radiological sensing of the atmosphere for the cosmodromeVostochny”.

UrFU has the agreement with the company “FANUC” (the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for industrial automation) in terms of joint training of specialists for high-tech industries, development and deployment of robotic “FANUC” equipment at industrial enterprises.